For Your Consideration

We just got our first real cold front here in New Orleans, so that means it’s speculative fiction awards season! I’ve never done one of these eligibility posts before, so this is exciting and anxiety-inducing and a little absurd all at once. That being said, I’m eligible for a bunch of stuff thanks to this novel of mine, so here we go:

The City of Lost Fortunes is eligible in the Novel category for the Hugo, the Nebula, the World Fantasy, and the British Fantasy awards, as well as the awards for first novels like the Compton Crook, the Crawford, and the Golden Tentacle Awards.

The Independence Patch” is eligible in the Short Story category for the Hugo and Nebula awards.

As a newly published author, I am also eligible for the Campbell and Sydney J. Bounds awards.

If you are able to nominate and vote for any of these awards, I’d appreciate you keeping my work in mind. Just being a part of the conversation with all the amazing stories and novels published this year is a dream come true.

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  1. Cynthia

    Thank you for the “city”, the most accurate, and entertaining book I have read in a while; I am an old graduate of UNO(1980). You will be awarded a Hugo, Nebula and more. I have read fantasy, science fiction and horror my whole life. You have something special to offer. Have you considered doing something for American Horror STORY😳. Maybe?


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